Roves Ravings, Log 1 and 2

The glorious rove Rampart led 5 trainees into the forest to they could experience true courage and learn to truly benefit the great city argentia. Over the course of some days he led the trainees and showed them how to kill a goblin providing an excellent example in the process. They then returned bettered by his example and teaching.

The second excursion saw 3 of the trainees give into fear. But two remained with Lord Rampart as he went to slay a bear. The first night he stayed in the den of thieves known as the fort. Weathering the night among the worst the city had to offer he set out and found a giant bear he broadly fought until his companions took wounds to serious to continue. Once recovered they pursued the bear to its cave where I found an enchanted pool and destroyed the source of its power freeing the workers of argentia from the terror of an intelligent bear. On the way back I slew a terrible goblin armed with many swords. Then triumphant Lord Rampart and his trainees returned to Argentina.



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